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Can I Get Custom Order?

Are you interested to add some text or maybe logo on your t-shirt, phone case or something else from product line we offer? Want to have something else on front/back side of t-shirt? Well, we can do all of that for small additional cost. 

Let us know via email what kind of customization you need and we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24h. 

We got many replies that some of our products helped people to do more exposures and we are extremely happy to hear that. Right now we are seeing a trend with a lot of requests for adding phone numbers or websites to some of our designs. 

If you got a team and need t-shirt or any other product for your whole team, we can do it as well. Our designing team would put their best in coming with something amazing for you. 
And yes, for bulk orders we can offer special discount and adding your product to our site which can be seen just by people with link, so you can easily maintain future buys. 

We appreciate your business, so let's create together something amazing!